Follow these simple ways to treat migraine!

Migraine is the most common and painful things that a person can experience.

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2016, 23:38 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Migraine is one of the headache disorder that surpasses most of them and also the most common and painful things that a person can experience. It is caused by many factors like stress, strong odours, hormones, dietary changes and smoking. But there are simple ways which one can do to get relief from migraine.

Here are some ways to treat migraine:


One should exercise on a daily basis as it can minimize the number of migraine headaches. And too much work out can also cause migraine too although it is a good way to prevent headaches.

Avoid caffeine

Drinking too many products that are high in caffeine is also not good as it can cause migraine. Substitute caffeine drinks with water, juices or caffeine free drinks.

Adequate sleep

Maintain a regular sleep schedule as changes in sleep patterns can affect the quality of sleep cycles and trigger migraines. If possible go to bed at the same time everyday to avoid migraine.

Avoid bright lights

Migraine headaches can be triggered when a person is exposed to bright or flashing lights, so avoid them. Do not to look directly at them as they can cause migraines.

Don't skip meals

One should always have a healthy snacks throughout the day, even if you cannot manage to have three full meals. As skipping meaks will lead trigger migraine. So avoid skipping meals even if you have a busy schedule.