Natural cures: Herbal discoveries in 2016

Natural cures: Herbal discoveries in 2016

From time immemorial, herbs have been known to play a double-role in man's quest to consume the best quality food. 

Not only does it add good taste to food but also adds value to health. Nowadays, many people are resorting to herbal remedies for good health. 

Here are some herbal discoveries of 2016 and how these herbs can play an important role in reducing and preventing serious diseases.

Carrot can reduce breast cancer risk

One should consume carrots daily as it can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by 60 percent.

The research found that women with high levels of vitamins called carotenes in their blood, which is also present in vegetables like spinach and red peppers, face lower risk of developing certain types of breast cancer.

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Broccoli can ward off liver cancer risk

Adding to the benefits of broccoli, researchers have found that this veggie can reduce the risk of liver cancer and prevent the development of fatty liver.

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Turmeric may help treat colon cancer

Turmeric - a yellow spice commonly used as a taste enhancer in Indian cooking - could play a very important role in preventing and treating colon cancer, claim researchers.

They found that the combination of two plant compounds having medicinal properties - curcumin and silymarin - hold promise in treating colon cancer.

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Parsley, dill can help treat cancer

A new study conducted by scientists from various institutes including the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, has found that Parsley and dill can help save a person from cancer.

Scientists from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), the N. D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry (RAS), the Institute of Developmental Biology (RAS) and the Institute of Cell Biophysics (RAS) proposed an efficient approach to a novel agents with anticancer activity. A synthesis of these compounds is based on those extracted from parsley and dill seeds.

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Mint can be used as anti-cancer drug!

Being a rich source of antioxidants, this versatile herb - an integral part of Indian cuisine - can be used as an anti-cancer drug! Scientists have discovered that mint plant has medicinal values and can be used to cure cancer.

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Neem can suppress prostate cancer growth!

A new study led by an Indian-origin scientist has found that consumption of a bioactive compound found in the Neem plant could significantly suppress the development of prostate cancer.

This herb can also reduce the size of tumours by up to 70% as well as curb it from spreading.

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