RFQMR to cure Osteoarthritis of spine, hip joints, knees

RFQMR to cure Osteoarthritis of spine, hip joints, knees
Hyderabad: The Safe Health Knee Joint Centre here has introduced a Cytotron device, a non-invasive permanent cure for Osteoarthritis of the spine, hip joints and
the knees.
Cytotron is a new computer controlled device that
generates high-intensity rotational field quantum magnetic
resonance beams (RFQMR) which are controlled and focussed on
the tissues to alter the Proton spin inside and outside the
cells, thus resulting in stimulating the cartilage growth, Dr
C V Ramana Rao, Chief Medical Officer, Dr Rajesh, Consultant
told reporters here.

The regenerated cartilage relieves the patient of the
painful symptoms, they said.
Osteparthritis is a debilitating disorder resulting
in crippling of the joints and it degenerates the cartilage of
the knee joint, Dr Rajesh said.

Cartilage is a cushion that prevents the two bones
from scrapping with one another leading to pain.

"Patients who do not want to undergo surgery and use
natural methods can go for this treatment. The device has been
developed by the Centre for Advanced Research Development in
India and has undergone clinical trials at the Institute of
Aerospace Medicine at Bangalore," Dr Rajesh said.
The treatment procedure is for one-and-half hour
everyday for 21 days and the cost of it is Rs 1.5 lakh for
both the knees inclusive of nutritional supplements,
physiotherapy medical counselling among others.

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