UK's hepatitis C campaign targets South Asians

UK`s hepatitis C campaign targets South Asians
London: Britain`s Department of Health has launched a website as part of its national hepatitis C awareness campaign to provide specific advice and information relevant to people with origins from the Indian sub-continent.

Emerging evidence suggests that people with origins in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka may be at a greater risk of contracting the virus compared to the general population in England.The easy-to-use site provides key facts about hepatitis C and includes a simple online questionnaire for people to assess whether they may have been at risk of infection.

Visitors to the site are also be able to watch the latest television adverts for the campaign and download an information leaflet in several South Asian languages, including Urdu, Gujarati and Punjabi. Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus that can cause chronic infection and lead to serious liver damage. It is mainly spread by contact with the blood of someone who has the
infection. Many people are unaware that they have hepatitis C, as symptoms often do not occur for many years.

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