Essential oils: A natural first-aid kit- Slideshow!

Aug 09, 2016, 23:43 PM IST

Essential oils have been around us for centuries and are known for its therapeutic benefits. These aromatic oils are highly concentrated natural oils extracted from different parts of a plant like flowers, woods, barks, leaves etc. Essential oils offer some miracle cures and possess healing value that can be used to treat a number of different health concerns. Check out these eight essential oils and learn about their powerful health benefits;


Freshens breath and increases concentration. Soothes nausea and upset tummy. Cools overworked muscles. Helps stop itching.  


An exotic oil that calms and focus the senses. Cures infection and iching. Prevents skin aging. An effective antiseptic agent.


Increases hair growth and improves scalp health. Improves speed and accuracy during mental task.


Possess antibacterial properties that fights germs. Relaxing effect clams nervous system and improves quality of sleep. Soft scent reduces the level of stress hormones in blood.


Calms and balances body and mind. Maintains skin moisture. Promotes hair growth.


Its distinctive smell cures stuffy nose and head pressure. Protects from allergies. Relives sore muscles.


Good for sensitive skin. Reduces appearance of acne scars. Works well on pain and inflammation.


Stimulates immune system. Keeps you cool and reduces anxiety. Gives a healthy boost in alertness. A natural detoxifying agent. -By Shruti Mishra