Teen boy from Bihar nicknamed 'Ghost Boy' – Find out why!

A 16-year-old teenager named Mithun Chauhan from Nawada in Bihar has been branded as 'ghost boy' by his classmates.

Teen boy from Bihar nicknamed 'Ghost Boy' – Find out why!
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Nawada: It has become an unfortunate truth in today's world, despite what anyone might say, that looks do matter.

And children often face a traumatising ordeal in their early lives if they are suffering from a rare disorder that affects their skin and facial features.

Such people are often subjected to social stigma due to lack of awareness and prevalent superstitions.

According to a report in Deccan Chronical, this is what happened with a 16-year-old teenager named Mithun Chauhan from Nawada in Bihar who has been branded as 'ghost boy' by his classmates as people ran away at his sight in the school.

He got the nickname because his whole face is covered with tumours since he suffers from a rare genetic condition due to which he has got a bulbous growth on his face and skin.

As per reports, the teenage boy wants to play cricket and go to school, but spend most of his time at home as locals in the village are frightened of his swollen face.

Though his parents want him to get education, but schools refuse to take him with the tumours.

His parents and neighbours considered his medical condition a curse and kept praying in the hopes to find the cure.

But he was finally diagnosed with neurofibroma by a doctor, as his condition was causing tumours to grow all along the nerves, as reported.

After a medical expert deemed his condition curable with charges reaching up to Rs 3 lakh, the entire village helped raise double the amount, thereby enabling Mithun to go ahead with the treatment.