Third arm growing out of two-year-old's spine could pose threat during removal, say doctors

The boy's 'third arm' is devoid of movement.

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Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Medical science often brings the kind of conditions to the fore, that would make anyone a believer of the impossible. It is considered a blessing, but there are times it can leave even experts stumped.

In what could possibly be called a rare case, a two-year-old boy from Nepal has a third hand growing out of his spine.

Gaurab, the boy in question, is at great risk of paralysis if the process of removal is carried out. The boy's 'third arm' is devoid of movement.

This kind of split from the spine is rare and is seen in one out of 1500 children. The arm, which is actually a remain from an undeveloped twin, is already giving sleep issues to Gaurab.

As per the Deccan Chronicle, the condition became more complicated because the family is a conservative religious one and didn’t get medical opinions since their shaman asked them not to visit a doctor.

The doctors, however, say that the arm poses less of a threat to Gaurab than the involvement of the spine does. This might create neurological problems while the operation can damage his nerves.

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