Watch - Incredible moment of mom's water birth that stuns internet!

A woman named Audra Lynn was filmed giving birth to her child via 'water birth, which has stunned the Internet.

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Yes, you probably must have heard of water birth – childbirth that occurs in water.

Indeed, giving birth is never easy, but turns out it doesn't have to be scary, and that's what exactly this mom has proved.

Recently, a woman named Audra Lynn was filmed giving birth to her child via 'water birth, which has stunned the internet. In the video clip, Ms Lynn and her partner are seen sitting in a tub filled with water. And within seconds, the baby pops out in the water, after just a few contractions.

The clip was filmed by midwife Lisa Marie Sanchez Oxenham, who said the birth was "an incredible moment".

Midwife Lisa Marie uploaded the clip to Instagram and Facebook. The clip, which has gone viral, has been shared more than 100,000 times and has been viewed 17 million times since it was posted on September 3. The footage has also attracted 23,000 comments.

"It's an amazing, uneventful delivery," Lisa Marie told BBC.

"What you cannot quite see in the video is that the head is already out. So I tell Audra to wait for the next contraction, and that's when the baby flies out.

"The mother's joy is so moving. When she says 'my baby son', it makes many people cry. It is such an incredible moment."

Lisa Marie is the owner of Sacred Journey Midwifery located in Anaheim, California. 

A water birth is childbirth in which the mother spends the final stages of labour in a birthing pool, with delivery taking place either in or out of the water. It is believed that water births can often lessen the fetal complications that arise during labor and delivery that take place in a bed. 

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