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Health News

Lesser-known health benefits of fenugreek seeds!

Fenugreek seeds are widely used as a herb, spice and vegetable in the Indian kitchen. 

Tobacco farmers seek participation in WHO summit

The International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA) on Thursday urged the World Health Organization (WHO) to allow their participation in the upcoming 7th Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

Our beliefs can worsen pain, insomnia conditions

Individual beliefs can play a potential role in worsening insomnia and pain experiences in patients with chronic pain conditions like back pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis, a team of researchers has found.

Parent-child bonds may affect your midlife health

Growing up in a well-off home can benefit a child's physical health, but lack of good relationship with parents, or the presence of abuse, may affect health, as well as well-being during mid-life, a study has found.

Obese and lean children have different gut bacteria

Children and teenagers who are obese have different microorganisms living in their digestive tract than those who are lean, according to a new study.

Your genes may not be a barrier to weight loss

Do not blame your genes for not being able to reduce that ever-burgeoning waistline. While your genes can increase the risk of obesity, they do not hamper weight-loss, researchers have found.

Too much sit-down time could up your death risk, says study

As per the study, nearly four per cent of all deaths worldwide – or 433,000 per year – are due to the fact that people spend more than three hours a day sitting down.

15 minutes of television a day could hamper your child's creativity!

The study is potentially useful to those who produce children's television shows, early year educators, as well as parents.

UN high-level meeting on antimicrobial resistance: Five things to know!

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has become one of the biggest threats to global health and endangers other major priorities.

Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan pledge $3 billion to help cure all diseases – Watch!

The couple made the announcement Wednesday during an event in San Francisco that was streamed live on Facebook.

Eating eggs, peanuts early reduces risk of food allergies in babies

A new study has found that feeding eggs and peanuts early to children at a young age can reduce the risk of developing food allergy.

New test to predict the exact duration an avanced ovarian cancer patient would live

The test, developed by experts at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, highlighted a 'staggering' difference between those patients who would live for five years or more and those who would die before that.

Nicotine sans tobacco may ward off Alzheimer's disease: Study

 Nicotine -- when given independent of tobacco -- could help protect the brain as it ages and even ward off neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease, US researchers have said.

Common chemicals may reduce vitamin D levels

Exposure to certain common chemicals called endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in several consumer products, including plastic bottles, may reduce levels of vitamin D in the bloodstream, says a study.

Fungus a major risk factor in Crohn's disease: Study

A team of international researchers has, for the first time, identified a fungus as the key factor in the development of Crohn's disease.

Six tips to keep your heart healthy!

Nowadays, most people are suffering from heart problems adn it is mainly because of their sedentary lifestyle, erratic working hours and unwanted stress they have.

Reasons why one should eat with hand!

Nowadays, most people are using spoons and forks to eat their food as they are more modern, hygienic and convenient.

Siblings' mental health problems may affect you

 Individuals who have a brother or sister with mental disorders may be at an increased risk of developing the condition, a study has warned.

Activity trackers not reliable for weight loss

Wearable devices that monitor physical activity are not reliable tools for weight loss, a new study has found.

Binge eating raises the risk bar; can cause numerous health problems

According to the study, individuals with BED could be at an increased risk of 2.5-times of having an endocrine disorder and at 1.9-times of having a circulatory system disorder.

Alzheimer's disease: Ten signs and symptoms

How do you tell if and when a person's forgetfulness becomes serious and should be checked?

Hearing loss rapidly increases after age 90

The rate of hearing loss increases significantly after age 90 even though the use of a hearing aid remains underused by this group, say researchers, including one of Indian-origin.

Know these side effects of papaya!

Eating papaya is good for health but nobody knows that it also has certain disadvantages if one happens to consume it in excess.

How depression is linked to diabetes during pregnancy

 Depression in early pregnancy more than doubles the risk of gestational diabetes, which, in turn, increases risk of postpartum depression six weeks after giving birth, says a study.

Strawberry flavour increases toxicity in e-cigarettes

Are you addicted to flavoured e-cigarettes? If so, then think again before you use them.

Opioid users may find babies less cute

Coming on the heels of the infamous 'heroin' picture that showed a US grandmother passing out from an apparent heroin overdose -- while her four-year-old grandson sat in the back seat, a new study has found that opioid dependence affects how 'cute' we perceive images of children to be.

Epileptics face higher risks of discrimination

Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have found that people with epilepsy are at significantly higher risk of experiencing discrimination due to health problems than the general population.

ADHD symptoms may persist in adulthood

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are likely to carry the symptoms as young adults and even into their mid-20s, suggests a finding.

Upcoming gene therapy may restrict spread of breast cancer

The analysis revealed a genetic variant single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), known as rs1071738, which influences metastasis.

67% of cigarette packets display pictorial warnings: Study

Only 67 per cent of cigarette packets of various brands in the country display the mandatory 85-per-cent-pictorial warning since the rule came into force on April 1 this year, a national-level study said on Tuesday.