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Health News

Weight loss

Want to lose weight? Include bananas in your diet!

Have you ever thought that banana can actually help you lose weight? 


Living with diabetes: Top five ways to lower blood sugar levels!

Although diabetes is a life-long disease and has no cure it can be managed.

Bladder cancer

Can bladder cancer be prevented? Know your symptoms, risk!

Bladder cancer is the seventh most common cancer in males worldwide.

Bladder cancer

Cheap drug for common cold can stop spread of cancer

The study conducted using animal model showed that injecting flufenamic acid -- a much cheaper cold drug -- into cancerous bladder cells can suppress the cells' invasive activities and restore the effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs.

Reheating food

Beware: Reheating these five foods can turn them into poison!

Different foods have different nutritional value, but the ones that turn into a potential health risk when reheated must be avoided no matter how healthy they might be. 


Bad relationship during pregnancy ups infection risk in mother, child

The risk of pregnant women with the lowest satisfaction in their relationship becoming ill is more than twice than those who are satisfied.

Spinal cord injury

Probiotics could aid recovery from spinal cord injury

The researchers found that spinal cord injury significantly altered the gut microbiome of mice, inducing the migration of gut bacteria into other tissues of the body and the activation of proinflammatory immune cells associated with the gut.


Short walks after meals - The best way to manage type 2 diabetes!

The findings showed that post-meal blood sugar levels dropped 12 per cent on average when the participants followed the "walking after meals" advice compared to walking at any time of the day.

High body mass index

High body mass index linked to cognitive decline in older adults!

Researchers have found that a higher body mass index can also negatively impact cognitive functioning in older adults.

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Soon, a sensor to detect vitamin B12 deficiency!

Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with an increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Dengue and chikungunya

Dengue and chikungunya – Here's myth-busting info on mosquito-borne diseases!

Only prevention and control of mosquitoes can ensure long-term protection against dengue and chikungunya.


Menopause and cardiovascular disease – Risk factors, tips to keep your heart healthy

Women who have gone through early menopause, either naturally or because they have had their ovaries removed are twice as likely to develop heart disease as women of the same age, who have not yet reached menopause.


'Teens who feel 'too fat' light up cigarettes to slim down'

Researchers also found that white teens were more than twice as likely as African-American adolescents to smoke for weight loss.

Organ Donation

65-year-old woman becomes cadaveric organ donor; saves lives of five!

After its success, cadaveric organ donation has been actively campaigned for to raise awareness with the simple message that you can save a life even in death.

Vegan diet

Going the vegan way: Five absurd myths debunked!

Vegan meals exclude the intake of foods that are produced by animals or animal-derived products like eggs, meat and dairy products.


Chicken - The only healthy item figured in top 10 food tweets!

Coffee was the most tweeted food in the continental US between mid-2014 to mid-2015 followed by beer and pizza.


Amylase-trypsin inhibitors: Wheat protein can worsen chronic health conditions!

The amylase-trypsin inhibitors (ATIs) protein can worsen the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, asthma, lupus and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease as well as inflammatory bowel disease.

Tai Chi

Tai chi and its health benefits - From stress reduction to relieving chronic neck pain!

The best thing about this gentle form of exercise is that it can be practiced by people of all ages. 


Domestic violence linked to raumatic brain injury!

Head injuries are among the most common type suffered in domestic violence, which can lead to repetitive brain injuries that often have chronic, life-changing effects, much like what we see in athletes.


IVF may reduce birth defects for women above 40

Infertile women aged 40 and over who used assisted reproduction had less than half the rate of birth defects of fertile women of the same age, while younger women appear to be at an elevated risk.


High-stressed jobs can lead to early grave

A team of researchers from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business found that individuals in low-control jobs, high job demands are associated with a 15.4 per cent increase in the likelihood of death.


Liver cancer – 9 warning signs to be aware of!

The most common type of liver cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma (or hepatoma, or HCC), which begins in the main type of liver cell.


Food fortification a proven strategy to meet nutritional needs: Patel

Food fortification is the addition of key vitamin and minerals to staple foods to improve their nutritional content and address a nutritional gap in a population.

Liver cancer

Beware! Increasing waist size indicates liver cancer

The findings showed that for every 5 kg/m2 increase in BMI, there was a 38 and 25 per cent increase in the risk for liver cancer in men and women, respectively.


Remarkable! Researchers identify new molecule to fight obesity

Activating the oestrogen -- the primary female sex hormone -- receptor-beta protein with a chemical has the potential to increase metabolism as well as help reduce obesity, say researchers including one of Indian-origin.  

High cholesterol

High cholesterol capable of causing bone loss: Experts

High cholesterol, which is a known factor for the decrease in heart health may harm more than our cardiovascular systems and lead to bone loss, say researchers including one of Indian-origin.

World Food Day 2016

World Food Day 2016: A day to act against hunger

This day is celebrated in honour of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in the year 1945.


Eating dark chocolates may improve your heart health

Now you need not be guilty of indulging in dark chocolates, as compounds found in cocoa may be good for your heart, a study has found.

Coronary Artery Disease

Test for coronary artery disease motivates people to adopt healthier habits

Researchers have found that undergoing a computer tomographic angiography was a better motivator to get people with suspected coronary artery disease to adopt healthier lifestyle practices than an exercise electrocardiography and stress test.


Epilepsy patients face higher risks of domestic violence, sexual abuse: Study

In a recent analysis, experts have found that people suffering from epilepsy were seven-times more likely to have reported experiencing discrimination due to health problems.