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Health News

Five ways exercise makes you look better, smarter!

Here are some beauty benefits that you can get from sweating out at the gym or at home.

Cranberry beneficial for cardiovascular system, immune function

Not just promoting urinary tract health, but the researchers found that cranberry juice, dried cranberries and various cranberry extracts possess whole body health benefits. 

Home-made foods vs shop-bought meals: Find out which is healthier for infants!

As per a new study, home-cooked meals specifically made for infants and young kids may lead to children gaining weight than shop-bought ones.

HIV therapy can keep partner from contracting the virus

The findings showed that a 93 per cent reduction of HIV transmission occurred when the HIV-infected person started antiretroviral therapy or ART at a higher CD4 cell count -- a marker of good immune system health.

Bone cancer: Reasons why you shouldn't ignore these signs!

Despite advances in medical research, which have made possible for early detection of various types of cancers, unfortunately there's no special test that can help detect bone cancers early.

A new drug that can block Zika virus' journey from mom to fetus!

Researchers at UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley identify a drug that may be able to block the Zika virus, which infects numerous cell types in the human placenta and amniotic sac.

Grandfather's obesity may affect grandchild's health

A father's metabolic health can be passed from generation to generation, affecting not only his children but more importantly his grandchildren, suggests a study.

Bariatric surgery for weight loss likely to improve mobility, lower heart rate

A study has revealed that obese teenagers who undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss are more likely to walk faster, have less walking-related muscular pain and lower heart rates in six months following the surgery.

Unhealthy diet can lead to weight gain: Study

Eating a good and healthy diet helps us stay fit and live long.

Donating for a cause: Mother hears her late son's heartbeat 3 years after his death! - Watch

Contrary to what many people think and feel, organ donation – whether live or cadaveric – is actually a blessing in disguise and makes a huge difference not just for one person, but for everyone connected to them.

Shocking! Toothache leaves this woman with multi-organ dysfunction

Investigations at the Fortis Hospital in Bangalore revealed that the infection had spread to ther vital organs, resulting in multiple organ dysfunction syndrome.

Best home remedies to prevent itchy mosquito bites!

These insect bites can cause an immediate skin reaction such as redness, swelling and irritation.  

Radiologists not at higher risk of radiation-related mortality

Male radiologists who graduated after 1940 had a better health profile than that of their psychiatrist colleagues, finds a study.

Playing Pokemon Go has health benefits too

Getting to Pokestops, catching different Pokemon and hatching the Poke eggs requires a lot of walking.  

Brisk walk better than jogging in combatting pre-diabetes

The findings are based on a randomised, six-month study of 150 participants, each of whom was designated as having pre-diabetes based on elevated fasting glucose levels.

57% of allopathic doctors in India have no medical qualifications: WHO

The WHO report also revealed that in rural India, only 18% of the allopathic doctors had a medical qualification.

Keep your heart healthy with these exercises!

Here are some exercises which experts believe can help improve your cardiovascular fitness.

ADHD and academic demands: Tips for helping a child with attention deficit!

ADHD, as the name suggests, is a neurodevelopmental condition which is characterized by problems in paying attention (inattention), excessive activity than expected for age (hyperactivity) and difficult controlling behavior which is not appropriate for a person’s age (impulsivity).

This is why you shouldn't be using aluminium foil in cooking!

In a piece for The Conversation, Ghada Bassioni of the Ain Shams University, Cairo revealed how aluminium foil could be damaging our health,

Atrial fibrillation: Symptoms, risk factors and prevention tips!

Anyone with certain chronic conditions or a heart disease has an increased risk of atrial fibrillation.

Parental substance use may affect children's behaviour

Children whose parents use drugs and misuse alcohol are three times more likely to be physically, sexually or emotionally abused and four times more likely to be neglected than their peers.

46 per cent female cancer patients in India are below 50: Doctors

Late marriages, multiple sex partners and late pregnancy have contributed to incidence of cancer among women, of which breast and cervical cancers are the commonest forms, they said.

Toilet seats in public restrooms shouldn't be covered? We've been doing it wrong all this time! - Watch

While many might think that this is the practical thing to do, you couldn't be more off track.

Menstrual cramps could now be passé with 'cannabis tampons'!

These capsules are to be used like a tampon and the company swears that they can provide powerful pain relief.

Meet the most adorable video-bomber: This young girl with down syndrome steals the show during a live newscast! - Watch

Down syndrome is a common genetic birth defects which causes delays in child's physical and mental development.

Happy cows give you more nutritious milk

When cows are happy, they produce more nutritious milk with higher levels of calcium, new research suggests.

Hypertension biggest global risk factor for stroke: Study

Hypertension is the single major risk factor for stroke, which is a highly preventable medical condition globally, irrespective of age and sex, reveals a study led by an Indian-origin researcher.

Cancer immunotherapy may fight HIV too

A type of immunotherapy that has shown promising results against cancer could also be used against HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, suggests new research.

Include these edible flowers in your diet!

 Do you know that flowers can be eaten? Well, many of us might not be aware of it but there are several flowers that are edible and also make excellent natural remedies.

'Women with PCOS highly prone to diabetes'

Women suffering from Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a problem in which a woman's hormones are imbalanced, are highly prone to diabetes, according to the new findings of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).