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Health News

Environmental toxins can cause brain disorders in children, suggest experts

Scientists and experts from various fields have for the first time come together to support a link between exposures to toxic chemicals in air, water, food and everyday products and children's risks for neuro-developmental disorders.

Paracetamol in pregnancy may up autism, ADHD risk in kids

Taking common painkillers during pregnancy more often is likely to raise the risk of autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children, especially boys, new research warns.

Walk the talk at workplace for super health

Nearly 30 minutes a day or 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity physical activity in adults is imperative for good health, according to recommendations by the American Heart Association.

Monsoon foot care tips: How to avoid a flip-flop fiasco!

The flip-flop provides minimal or no support in the arch or heel, leading to an unstable gait, causing bad alignment, straining in your knees and lower back.

Artificial pancreas set to make painful diabetes jabs history by 2018

The device, which monitors blood glucose in patients with type 1 diabetes and then automatically adjusts levels of insulin entering the body, is likely to be available by 2018, concluded a team of researchers.

Beware smokers! Excess smoking and narcotic use can cause infertility

Doctors claim that cigarettes do not necessarily cause infertility, they can have an adverse effect on a couple's ability to conceive. The problem exists in men as much as in females, the doctors said.

Feeling heavy-eyed at work? Try some caffeine-less ways to avoid sleepiness

There is no doubt that a cup of coffee or tea in the morning gives an ultimate blast of refreshment but drinking two-three cups of tea in a day is an absolute no-no for our health.

Gene mutation 'hotspots' improve breast cancer outcomes

Kataegis -- the multiple mutations that cluster in a few hotspots in a genome -- occurs in nearly 55 per cent of breast cancers.

Bacteria can block transmission of Zika virus, reveals study

Researchers from University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-MADISON) in the US have revealed that this bacteria can block the transmission of Zika in Aedes aegypti, the mosquito which is responsible for passing the virus to humans.

Health alert! Be careful of fake eggs from China – Watch

Here's one video that shows how Chinese people make fake eggs using industrially fabricated ingredients, which can cause severe health problems.

Simple ways to recover binge eating disorder

According to researchers of Annals of Internal Medicine, BED is linked to mental health problem, chronic pain, obesity and diabetes.

Gene that determines maleness in malaria mosquitoes

The research, published in the journal Science, describes identification and characterisation of Yob which determines the male sex in the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae.

Reasons why you should add more protein to your diet!

Sources of protein include grains, legumes and nuts, as well as animal sources such as meats, dairy products, fish and eggs.

National Doctors' Day: Six interesting facts about this special event!

As we gratefully remember our physicians who help to save lives everday, let us take at look at some interesting facts about this special event.

Beware! Canned food consumption can make you ill

The next time you are planning to consume canned food, think twice. A recent study conducted by researchers at Stanford and Johns Hopkins University has confirmed the connection between consuming canned food and elevated exposure to a chemical linked to diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular ailments.

This gene puts you at increased kidney disease risk

The University of Nottingham study found that the difference in the number of copies of the alpha-defensin genes was a major genetic factor in developing the condition IgA nephropathy, also known as Berger's Disease.

A little butter a day may not harm your heart

Butter has been found as a healthier choice in comparison to sugar and starch-enriched food like white bread or potatoes.  

Make your monsoon more enjoyable with these healthy tips!

Here are some helpful tips which you may try to stay healthy during the rainy season.

Want to live longer? Restrict your calorie intake!

The researchers found that calorie restriction had a much bigger effect on metabolic outcomes than the amount of fat in the diet.

'Too much' or 'too little' sleep can raise diabetes risk in men

The findings showed that men who slept the least and the most were more likely to have an impaired ability to process sugar compared to men who slept an average amount of about seven hours.

Chinese woman gives birth to a baby girl from embryo frozen 18 years ago

The infant weighing 3,300 gm, was born in Jiangsu province on Monday. 

Canned food linked to hormone-disrupting chemical exposure

According to the study, the consumption of one canned food to none was found to be associated with 24 per cent higher urinary BPA concentrations; and the consumption of two or more canned foods to none was associated with 54 per cent higher urinary BPA concentrations.

Soon, testing for malaria, cancer at home via cheap paper strips!

The Ohio State University chemists are developing paper strips that detect diseases including cancer and malaria.

Diastasis recti: All you need to know about this condition!

Rectus abdomonis muscle is the muscle that covers the front surface of the belly area. 

Cancer woes: Parsley, dill can actually be the cure!

Scientists from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), the N. D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry (RAS), the Institute of Developmental Biology (RAS) and the Institute of Cell Biophysics (RAS) proposed an efficient approach to a novel agents with anticancer activity. 

Fish oil during pregnancy may not shield kids from obesity

Administering a special diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and low in arachidonic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, to pregnant women neither resulted in children being slimmer nor fatter than their counterparts from the control group whose mothers had enjoyed a normal diet, the findings showed.

8 ultimate reasons to drink buttermilk every day!

Here are some five amazing reasons why buttermilk is a blessing for your health.

New method to reveal heart attack risk

Levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, body mass index (BMI), smoking habits and blood pressure are considered as traditional risk factors for cardiovascular disease. There are several risk prediction calculators available today.

Helicopter parenting may up depression risk in your kids

Students who had mothers who allowed them more autonomy reported higher life satisfaction, physical health and self-efficacy. 

Two new Zika vaccines give '100% protection' to mice in tests!

These two vaccine candidates both provided complete protection against Zika virus challenge in mice, said study author Dan Barouch.