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Health News

Want to detox your liver the natural way? Try these home-made drinks!

 Liver performs so many vital functions like eliminating waste from the body and removing harmful toxins from the blood. 

Suffering from severe headache? Try these natural remedies!

Do you often feel that pounding in your head? That pounding is nothing but headache. It has become very common and usually happens because of dehydration, tension, stress or a hangover. 

Gentle beams of light can treat lethal heart disorders

Gentle beams of light could replace harsh electric shocks in patients reeling from a deadly heart rhythm disorder, new research has found.

Maternal diabetes may up health risks in babies

Babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes (which develops during pregnancy) or pre-gestational diabetes (prior to pregnancy) may be at an increased risk of developing malformations, abnormal size, jaundice and low blood sugar, says a new study.

High stress during ovulation window may affect chances of conception

Higher levels of stress in women may reduce their chance to conceive a baby, a study has found.

Playing music during biopsy helps patients to reduce anxiety: Study

A new study has found that playing music during biopsy for breast cancer diagnosis and treatment may help reduce pre-operative anxiety in patients.

Pac-Man like protein eats dead cells, helps prevent cancer

Researchers at the University of Sheffield in the UK discovered the Rac1 protein switches cell function and causes cells to respond to 'eat me' signals omitted from their dying neighbouring cells and clears them away efficiently to minimise damaging inflammation.

Neonates' gut microbiome influences risk of allergy, asthma

Gut microbes play a key role in processing dietary components such as fats, giving them a powerful influence over whether anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory molecules end up in the gut, the researchers said.

Unbelievable! Six health benefits of leftover rice – From glowing skin to a trimmer waistline

Since this rice is a natural coolant, it reduces body heat and keeps you cool, if taken regularly.

Suffering from chikungunya? Eat these foods to recover fast!

Taking plenty of fluids in the form of water, soups, dals and broths can help flush out virus fast from the body.

Passive smoking more toxic for children

The high level of toxicity in the smoke that comes from the end of a burning cigarette -- side stream smoke -- is a major component in passive smoking that damages the children's blood vessels, the study said.

Chikungunya outbreak in Delhi: 4 deaths in 24 hours; toll rises to 5

On Monday, a 65-year-old man from Ghaziabad has succumbed to chikungunya at Ganga Ram Hospital, becoming the first victim of vector-borne disease in the national capital.

Sea-snail venom holds key to diabetes medication

Researchers from Melbourne's Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI) discovered the unusual three-dimensional structure of the insulin, a hormone that turns glucose ingested into liver and skeletal muscle cells, within the cone snail's venom, Xinhua news agency reported.

Best exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week – Watch

Experts say that incorporating both cardio and strength training into your exercise plan is the most effective strategy for long term weight loss.


Hilary has pneumonia! Some important facts you must know about the lung condition

As the news of Hilary's pneumonia started floating over the internet, many people initiated their search about the symptoms, risk factors and treatment of the disease.

First confirmed death from chikungunya in Delhi

R. Pandey, a resident of Ghaziabad, was shifted to Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi from Yashodra Hospital in Ghaziabad in a deteriorating health condition on September 10.

Chikungunya cases mount to 1057, nearly 90% rise in one week

Safdarjung Hospital which received over a thousand patients in its fever clinics till recently, has reported 328 dengue cases and 532 chikungunya cases this season, a senior official of the hospital told PTI.

Dengue, Chikungunya outbreak: What you can do to protect yourself from these vectors!

Ever since the monsoon season hit Delhi, it has led to a staggering rise in mosquito-breeding because of which, dengue and chikungunya are spreading like wildfire.

Mexico rolls out its indigenous vaccine for dengue fever

Leroy said it was difficult to estimate how much the vaccine will cost in Mexico as it will depend on the distribution networks and the public vaccination program.

Old people suffering from hip fracture may never recover: Study

Around 300,000 older Americans are hospitalized and receive surgery because of hip fractures annually.

Meditation, yoga, vegetarian diet linked to decline in risk of cardiovascular diseases

During the study participants were kept in a six-day Ayurvedic-based well-being program that provided a vegetarian diet, meditation, yoga and massages experienced measurable decreases in a set of blood-based metabolites associated with inflammation, cardiovascular disease risk and cholesterol regulation.

Decoded! How X-ray damages DNA, causes cancer

Researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in the UK have been able to identify in human cancers two characteristic patterns of DNA damage caused by ionising radiation, such as gamma rays, X-rays and radioactive particles.

Drug target to increase social interaction in autism identified

Previous studies on human genetics have implicated a little-studied gene called Protocadherin 10 (PCDH10) in ASD. 

Why 1.1 mn HIV+ve Indians don't get drugs they need

In India, the drug cocktail is given to patients with a count of less than 350 CD4 cells per mm3 of blood -- CD4 cells are white blood cells, a count of which indicates the health of a person's immune system.

Dengue, chikungunya in Delhi: Understanding and identifying mosquito-borne diseases!

While dengue fever is mostly spread by the Aedes aegypti, chikungunya virus is often spread by the Aedes albopictus. However, both types of mosquitoes can spread both diseases.

Eating food off the floor is not safe at all

Moisture, type of surface and contact-time all contribute to cross-contamination. In some instances, the transfer begins in less than one second, the study said.

Woman with painful arch of foot cured by stretching exercises

According to Indian Medical Statistics, 20 per cent of adult population from the age of 40 starts suffering from Plantar fasciitis, a painful condition marked by tiny tears in the Plantar fascia -- the connective tissue that supports the arch of the foot.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment for a week keeps heart problems at bay: Study

This treatment not only improves physical and mental health but also alleviates many deep-rooted diseases.

Food or poison? Ten food items you need to stop eating!

Unfortunately, there are certain food stuffs that contain harmful compounds and ingredients, which actually act as poison for the body and can have a bad effect in the long term.

Virat Kohli just revealed one of his health secrets!

His profession as an athlete requires him to maintain his fitness levels in order to perform well and he's in perfect form.