Cardiac disease in Kerala very high
Cardiac disease in Kerala very high
Updated on Saturday, September 18, 2010, 20:15
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Thrissur: Incidence of cardiac disease was `very high` in kerala compared to other states, Noted Cardiologist of the Amala Institute of Medical Sciences and Cardiac Centre, Dr George Mathew Neerakkal on Saturday said.

Elaborating the details of the world heart day on sept 25 celebrations at a press conference here today, Neerakkal said that out of 32 million persons who died the world over due to various diseases, 17.1 million deaths occurred following cardiac problems and out of it, 2.27 million death occurred in India.

He attributed this to smoking, unhealthy food consumption and lack of physical activities like walking and exercises.

He said that while 1.59 million deaths occurred in 2000 of heart attacks in India, it was 2.03 million in 2010.

In all 5 million people in India were suffering from cardiac problems. The incidence of cardiac problems were very high in the urban areas than the rural areas working out to three times more in the urban areas than the rural areas of the country.

He said that the theme of this year`s world heart day observance is `Healthy working place and the responsobility of maintaning health of your heart is in yourselves`.

As part of the celebations a free medical camp would be held at the Amala Institue of Medical Science near here.


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