Winner List
Winners List
Prof P N Tondon Dr Subhash Mukherji
Dr V P Sood Dr V Shanta
Dr A S Soin Dr John C Muthusami
Dr P Venugopal Dr Shripad Banavali
Dr Veena Kalra Dr Sunit Singhi
Dr O N Nagi Dr Naresh Trehan
Dr Anoop Mishra Dr J N Pande
Dr S H Advani Dr M P Sharma
Dr Nimesh Desai Dr Sudhir Khandelwal
DR S C TIWARI Dr Surya Bhan
DR Hemant Tongaonkar Dr B Shakuntala Baliga
DR Randeep Guleria Dr G K Rath
DR Sunita Mittal Dr A Mahadeviah
Dr Arun Agarwal Dr Sanjay K Aggarwal
Dr K K Kalra Dr A Ramachandran
DR V S Mehta Dr A K Mahapatra
DR Tarun Sharma Dr Abhay and Dr Rani Bang
  Dr H Sudarshan
  - Dr Sneh Bhargava
  • Prof P N Tondon
  • Dr V P Sood
  • Dr A S Soin
  • Dr P Venugopal
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Health Tips
You shrink 1/2 an inch during the day due to compression of the spinal column.
You’re born with 300 bones, but when you get to be an adult, you only have 206.
The design of the Eiffel tower is based on the design of human bone.
Your skin is the largest organ of the body weighing in at 9 popounds.
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