When the cool breeze lovingly caresses skin on dusky evenings, when the full moon standing lonely up in the sky unknowingly makes mysterious patterns with the jasmine leaves and when a solitary cuckoo sings amidst the mango boughs.. »

Here`s what celebrities are planning to do on Holi this year.

Holi in our filmdom is very special. »

Here is a collection of songs from Bollywood.»

Holi-colours for all
Lots of colour, water, fun, joy and of course ‘gujiya’ ! »
Loving Holi
I can not help remembering Holi with a smile. »
Simple colours of life
Drowning in a violent splash of colours! »
Let us stop immoral practices during this Holi. It is an occasion of fun but lets not make it frivolous. ..»
While some love Holi, others abhor it for the dirt that is often slung in the name of colours of joy. What do you think? Share with us.»
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BulletAssorted Mithai
BulletNon toxic colours
BulletCelebration Hamper
BulletHoli playing combo
Holi has a tradition of exchanging gifts and goodies among near and dear ones. But sometimes we want to innovate a bit from the usual ‘Gujia-Gulal’ packets. Here are some interesting ideas you can use this Holi. ..»
If there is one word that you ask me that defines India, I would answer- colours.»
Holi is the festival of fun and fervor with very little religious connotations. »
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