11 nations seek new world biodiversity policy

Ministers and senior representatives from eleven nations sought a new policy to protect ecosystem.

New Delhi: Expressing concern that the
world`s biodiversity target for 2010 has not been met fully,
ministers and senior representatives from 11 nations on Saturday
sought a new policy to protect the fragile ecosystem.

The appeal, which is directed at world leaders, aims to
encourage the nations to do more for biodiversity by
committing themselves to a common long-term vision and
short-term mission for biodiversity and to global, regional
and national targets to be achieved.

Ahead of the global meet on biodiversity slated to be
held in Nagoya in Japan in October to be attended by over 190
states, the participants at a meeting in Geneva in Switzerland
also pledged to back Tokyo`s initiative to recommend to the UN
to consider declaring 2011-2020 as the `International Decade
for Biodiversity`.

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh was among those who
attended the two-day meet organised on the initiative of the
United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity aiming to
generate new impetus for international policy in this area.

Other environment ministers included Norbert Rottgen
(Germany), Isabelle Texeira (Brazil) and Moritz Leuenberger
(host country representative).

In a statement issued here, the ministers warned, if
current trends were allowed to continue over the next decade,
several "tipping points" will be reached before the end of the
century with irreparable damage to major ecosystems.

"The fate of biodiversity for millennia to come will be
determined by action or inaction over the next decade or two,"
they said quoting the third edition of the Global Biodiversity
Outlook published in May 2010.

"We stress that the new biodiversity strategy for
2011-2020 will provide an overarching framework for action by
all biodiversity partners...," the statement said.

It also noted that the Johannesburg biodiversity target
to reduce significantly the rate of loss of biodiversity by
2010 has not been met in full.

The meet announced setting up of an informal Ministerial
COP (conference of parties) Presidency Biodiversity Forum
which will meet periodically to exchange views.

The decisions taken at the Geneva meet will be conveyed
to United Nations General Assembly for the special debate on
biodiversity scheduled on September 22 in New York.

"It will also be conveyed to the Conference of the
Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological
Diversity which will be attended by over 190 states from 18 to
29 October in Japan," the statement added.


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