`Al Qaeda plotting 26/11-style attack on UK`

Anwar al-Awlaki has revealed the plan in an e-mail sent to a British tabloid.

London: Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who is a top propagandist for al Qaeda, has outlined a plan to carry out a 26/11 Mumbai-style massacre in the United Kingdom in an e-mail sent to British tabloid The Sun.

The e-mail was sent after the tabloid’s investigator, posing as a UK-based fanatic named “Q Khan”, contacted Awlaki in a sting operation.

“We ask Allah to give you the strength and steadfastness to serve His religion. If you are a group of brothers who trust each other then you may work together. Otherwise we advise you to work alone. In case you decide to work together then it is definitely better to go all at once,” the tabloid quoted Awlaki, as saying in an e-mail.

“The options that you have for operations could be pipe bombs, assassinations or using a firearm at a location crowded with enemies,” it added.

The e-mail was signed: “Your brothers at Al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula”.

Meanwhile, MI6 agents are studying the dossier.

British counter-terrorism officials have been warning about the threat of a Mumbai-style attack on major cities for two years.

The attacks, which began on November 26 and lasted until November 29, 2008, took the lives of 166 people and wounded at least 308 others.


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