Anand beats Grischuk in Rd4 of Amber chess

Viswanathan Anand continued with his clinical performance and defeated Russian Alexander Grischuk in the fourth round.

Monaco: World champion Viswanathan Anand
continued with his clinical performance and defeated Russian
Alexander Grischuk 1.5-0.5 in the fourth round of 20th Amber
blindfold and rapid chess tournament here.

The triumph over Grischuk came in the rapid game and this
was the third mini-match that Anand won following his victory
over Boris Gelfand of Israel in the third round.
It may be recalled that Anand had beaten Veselin Topalov
in the opener and had then played out two draws with Vladimir
Kramnik in the second round.

Levon Aronian of Armenia and Magnus Carlsen of Norway,
however, remained at the helm following fine performances.

While Carlsen accounted for young Anish Giri of Holland
1.5-0.5, Aronian defeated Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine by a
similar margin to remain on the leaderboard in the combined

With seven rounds or 14 games still remaining, both
Aronian and Carlsen have six points apiece and Anand is half a
point behind.

In the blindfold standings, Aronian and Grischuk share
the lead on three points each while Anand is tied third along
with Carlsen and Azerbaijani Vugar Gashimov.

Carlsen leads solely in the rapid section with 3.5 points
from four games and is closely pursued by Anand, Aronian and
Topalov half a point adrift.

The blindfold game between Grischuk and Anand was the
first one to finish after a mere 20 moves when a move
repetition forced a draw. The World Champion went for the
Berlin Defence of the Ruy Lopez and once again proved its

The idea he had prepared came on move 15, which
apparently didn`t catch Grischuk by surprise as he quickly
played his move. The point of Anand`s idea soon convinced
White that he could not claim any advantage and should agree
to a draw.

The rapid game ended in a win for the world champion but
he was the first to admit that in the opening and middle game,
his opponent had played better.

But once Anand realised that he had to defend and look
for counter-chances cautiously, he used his chances better
than Grischuk.

Anand could have decided the game quicker on the 38th
turn, but when Grischuk failed to find the saving manoeuvre,
he lost a piece and resigned two moves later.

Carlsen arrived seven minutes late for his blindfold game
against Anish Giri. The Norwegian was under the impression
that the second session started at a quarter past four and was
chatting with a friend from his room.

Carlsen drew this game and then won the rapid game as
black to continue with his winning spree.

The Amber tradition is coming to an end after this final
edition. For the past two decades this has been a unique event
with one blindfold and one rapid game in each round.

The blindfold games are played using a computer screen
which has a blank chess board and only the last played move is

In rapid, the players play a normal game. The total prize
fund is 2,27,000 Euros (Approximately Rs 1.43 Crore).


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