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Ancient sculpture restored

Experts have restored a 500-year-old monolith, which represents the goddess of maize.

Washington: Experts have restored a 500-year-old Chicomecoatl monolith, found recently in Zempoala municipality, Hidalgo, which represents the goddess of maize.
According to a report in Art Daily, the sculpture was restored by National Institute of Anthropology and History specialists.

The archaeological finding associated to Mexica culture dated between 1430 and 1520 was found in July 2009 by employees of a private company, notifying immediately the Hidalgo INAH Center, which proceeded to remove and guard it.

The 60 centimetres tall sculpture represents the Mexica maize goddess, Chicomecoatl, linked to fertility.

She carries 2 corncobs on each hand, and has an orifice in the chest, where a greenstone or “chalchiutlicue”, which represents the flower of life, was inlaid.

Archaeologist Osvaldo Sterpone, in charge of moving the piece to Pachuca and who will coordinate historical research, mentioned that the orifice was covered with red coloured lime that matched the stone that has to be identified yet.

He remarked the stone sculpture was found near Santa Ana Archaeological Site.

Sterpone commented that the sculpture may be dated in Late Post Classic period, when Mexica Empire controlled this region to obtain obsidian and other material that they traded.

Restoration of Chicomecoatl, which presents an excellent conservation state, was in charge of Virginia Carrasquel, from Hidalgo INAH Center, who leaded cleaning, stabilisation and preservation tasks before being exposed at Zempolala Community Museum for 2 days.

After it returned to Hidalgo INAH Center, the piece was guarded at the cultural goods warehouse, where Chicomecoatl will be studied to determine the influence it had in the region.


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