Arthritis pain triggers severe depression

Four out of five Arthritis patients feel tired and half feel weak and helpless.

Updated: Jan 26, 2011, 10:42 AM IST

London: Arthritis` painful condition triggers severe depression among millions of its sufferers, says a new survey.

Three out of five people with arthritis are brought low by chronic pain, with women worst affected, and half of the people in their 20s and 30s report that arthritis-related pain prevents them going out socially and leading a normal life.

The survey by Arthritis Care, a charity, shows the emotional impact of living with long-term pain is being neglected by doctors, a newspaper reported.

The survey found 68 percent of 2,263 sufferers feel depressed when their pain is at its worst. Four out of five feel tired and half feel weak and helpless.

More women said when their arthritis pain was bad they felt depressed - two-thirds compared with half of the men - and women were more likely to feel alone or scared.

Women and young people aged 34 and under were most likely to be forced into staying at home rather than having a social life, with up to two-thirds leading reclusive lives.

Three out of four people with arthritis say the pain prevents them sleeping through the night, and one-third say it stops them having an intimate relationship.

Neil Betteridge, chief executive of Arthritis Care, said: "This report starkly highlights the devastating and far-reaching effect arthritis pain has on people`s lives."