Assange is Le Monde `Man of the Year`

Over 55% of readers of French newspaper voted in favour of WikiLeaks founder.

Updated: Dec 23, 2010, 10:04 AM IST

Paris: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been named "Man of the Year" by France`s Le Monde newspaper, one of the five publications to cooperate with the whistleblowing website on its latest release of leaked documents.

The newspaper names Assange in a weekly supplement magazine due to appear on Friday.

Visitors to the newspaper`s website voted in favour of Assange with 56 percent backing him for the honour, compared to 22 percent for jailed Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo and 6.9 percent for American Facebook president Mark Zuckerberg.
Time magazine last week pronounced Zuckerberg its "Person of the Year”.

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