Assange`s mother says `massive forces` working against her son

Christine Assange insists there is "no way" Julian is guilty of rape.

Melbourne: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange`s mother has said that she is worried about her son as "massive forces" are working against him and insisted that there is "no way" he is guilty of rape, which he is charged with in Sweden.

"These massive forces have decided they`re going to stop him and they`re not going to play by the rules," Christine Assange was quoted as saying by the media here.

On charges of sexual assaults against her 39-year-old son in Sweden, she said: "Julian, rape, straight out of my guts - no way."

"Julian would not rape," she said.

"It`s a worry of course. I`m no different to any other mother," Christine said. "Every time the news goes on, I`m glued to it. Is he OK?"

She also expressed her anger at the Australian government, particularly Prime Minister Julia Gillard who, she said, had just "gone in there full bore and accused him of being a criminal”.

"I just think, well hang on a minute, this is one of your citizens here," she said. "You shouldn`t be leading the charge."

Christine called her son a "brave" person and said "a lot of people would not be able to withstand the pressure he is under”.

Asked if she thought her son had been betrayed, she replied "At the moment, yes."

Commenting on several rallies being organised in support of Assange, she said "he is very heartened by the worldwide response from just ordinary people".

Assange, an Australian national, is currently in custody in London, facing extradition to Sweden. The assault charges against him relate to two separate incidents during his visit to Sweden in August.

He denies the charges and has vowed to fight the extradition.


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