Attacks from Pak supported by elements in govt: WikiLeaks

US cable reveals terror attacks from Pakistan are sometimes supported by that country`s govt.

Washington: Attacks by Pakistan-based terror
groups, "sometimes with the support of elements" in the
government there, are the "most lethal strain" of terrorism in
India, according to a secret US cable made public by

"Terrorism conducted by `jihadi` groups based in Pakistan
-- and sometimes with the support of elements of the GOP
(Government of Pakistan) -- is historically the most lethal
and the most politically volatile strain of terrorism in
India," said the cable from the US embassy in New Delhi in
2006 before the April 19 US-India Counter Terrorism Joint
Working Group.

Reflecting improved counter-insurgency policies, civilian
fatalities from terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir have
substantially decreased from 2001-2004 -- approximately 20 per
cent decrease each year, it said citing Indian government
statistics and a leading independent Indian terrorism expert.

The data for the first nine months of 2005 showed a
continued decline, but "a spike in lethal attacks after the
October 8 earthquake resulted in the 2005 levels being roughly
equal to those for 2004," said the cable.

The United States, which has accused WikiLeaks, of
stealing its secret cables, has however, refused to either
deny or confirm the authenticity of these documents.

"Since January 2005, `jihadis` have carried out or are
believed to be responsible for lethal attacks at three popular
markets on Diwali and Jama Masjid, both in Delhi, as well as
Ayodhya, Varanasi and Bangalore, in addition to the litany of
deadly bombings and shootings in J & K itself.

"These new targets in the Hindi heartland and the South
reflect a new and dangerous trend that bears close watching,"
the cable said.

Referring to the series of terrorist attacks inside
Kashmir, it said foreign terrorist organisations
Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), at times
operating through front names from camps in Pakistan, claimed
responsibility for many of these attacks.

Some of these groups maintain ties with al-Qaeda,
although the Indian government takes pride in claiming there
is no direct al-Qaeda presence in the country outside of
Kashmir, it said.