Baba Ramdev joins Hazare’s crusade

Taking noted social activist Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption to a new high, spiritual guru Baba Ramdev on Friday extended his unflinching support to his movement and appealed the govt to wake from its deep slumber.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Taking noted social activist Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption to a new high, spiritual guru Baba Ramdev on Friday extended his unflinching support to the ongoing movement and appealed the government to wake from its deep slumber.

Addressing a huge gathering of the thousands who have joined the movement started by Hazare, Baba Ramdev said, “Anna Hazare is an honest man of strong character, who has launched a massive movement to curb corruption in the country and I am with him firmly. I want to thank all the youngsters, the school children, who have come to support this movement."

Coming down heavily on the government, Ramdev said, “The mass movement started by Hazare has evoked huge support from every walks of life but this government is not listening. This man (Hazare) has been fasting for the past three-four days but the government is not willing to change its stance on the Lokpal Bill. Let me tell those sitting in power that we will all fight this battle till our last breath. I will fight against corruption till my last breath.”

Combining his speech with his regular dose of wit and humour, the firebrand spiritual guru asked the government to listen to the concerns of all those who have expressed unflinching support to this movement.

He also warned that Centre must not include any corruption-tainted minister in the joint committee that will be constituted to re-draft the Lokpal Bill.

“I want to tell the government that all ministers who would be named in the joint committee have to be honest. If a single minister is found involved in any kind of corruption, he shall not be acceptable to us and to the people of India,” he said.
Baba Ramdev, while thanking millions of countrymen and the media for supporting this movement, appealed to them to make it more impactful so that the government is forced to change its stance and enact a comprehensive Lokpall Bill to fight corruption.

“This is not a political movement. Nobody has come here to gain anything. Millions of our brothers and sisters have joined this movement selflessly just for the sake of Mother India. It’s time that the government wake up from deep slumber and enact legislations to put behind bars those who have looted the country’s wealth,” Ramdev said.
“Will you forgive those who loot your house? Will you set free those who cut your hands? No. I want to tell the government that those who have plundered the wealth of the nation should be punished severely. The hoarders, black-marketers, corrupt politicians and those who rape our sisters and mothers and ruin their lives must be hanged,” he added.

Ramdev concluded by giving a slogan to cheering crowd “ho jao tyaar sathiyon ho jao tyyar, ab bhi desh ke kam na aaye to jeevan hai bekar (get ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of the nation, your life will be meaningless if it does not serve any purpose to the country)”.
Today is the fourth day of the indefinite hunger strike started by the 72-year-old social worker, who has pledged not to concede even an inch till government gave a role to civil society in drafting a stringent Lokpal Bill.

Amid the growing sea of supporters which included doctors, lawyers, teachers, students, homemakers, a host of celebrities like Anupam Kher, Farah Khan, Vishal Dadlani, Rakesh Mehra and Pritish Nandy have joined the movement at Jantar Mantar.

Big B Amitabh Bachchan has also extended his support to Anna Hazare’s crusade.