BJP moving ahead with concept of Ram Rajya: Advani

"The objective is to construct a temple, besides also to establish an ideal state conceptualised in the name of Lord Ram," Advani said at a rally.

Jhansi: Raking up the party`s core issue of
construction of a Ram temple, BJP leader L K Advani Thursday said
the party was moving ahead with the concept of establishing a
`Ram Rajya` along with the temple at Ayodhya.

"The objective is to construct a temple, besides also to
establish an ideal state conceptualised in the name of
Lord Ram," Advani said while addressing an election rally.

Advani said that it was the wish of all the countrymen
that a grand Ram temple is constructed at Ayodhya.

Recalling his Ayodhya rath yatra in 1990s, he said that
he could never forget it as it taught him the importance of

"At that time I was not allowed to reach Ayodhya and
was got arrested by the then Bihar Chief Minister in
Samastipur, but situation has changed with the time," he said.

The BJP leader said that at that time one CM stopped
his yatra and last year another CM of the same state flagged
off his yatra against price rise, corruption and blackmoney.

He said that a three-judges bench of Allahabad High
Court gave unanimous verdict that the place where idols were
kept was considered to be the Ram Janmsthan by Hindu community
of the country.

"I cannot say anything more as an appeal has been made in
the apex court and it is yet to give its decision," he said.

Attacking the UPA government, Advani said that it had
never happened in the history of the country that such a large
number of ministers were removed and jailed.

"Since 1952, when the first polls were held, I have seen
all the 15 general elections. I have also seen all the
governments from Pandit Nehru upto Manmohan Singh, but there
was not a single government in which so many ministers have
been removed and even jailed," he said.

Talking about the proposed Communal Violence Bill, the
BJP leader alleged under it if communal riot or any similar
incidents happen then majority community will be considered as

Advani said that there were discussions that Congress may
forge an alliance with Mayawati or Mulayam Singh Yadav after
the UP polls, but BJP would not shake hands with anyone and
would serve people on its own.

Playing card of smaller states, Advani said that it was
during the regime of NDA that Chattisgarh, Uttrakhand and
Jharkhand were carved out.

When I said in Parliament that Rs 25 lakh crore
blackmoney was deposited in Swiss banks, government spokesman
said that it was not right, Advani said.

"Now the IB director quoted the same figure in an
international conference....the Finance Minister has also
assured to bring a white paper on blackmeony in the next
session," he said.

He also said that it was sad that an adjective of BIMARU
was still attached with Uttar Pradesh.

"Bihar and MP have come out of this tag...and our target
is that UP should also come out of it," he said.

Advani said that he used to visualise that by 20th
century the country would make such a progress that it would
stand in the line with leading nations.

"But that progress did not take place...poverty,
illiteracy and backwardness are still there," he said.