‘BJP will not accept attempts to impose Prez Rule’

BJP leader LK Advani on Friday said that BJP would oppose any "undemocratic means" of grabbing power.

Agra: Terming as "shocking" the remarks
made by Union Minister Shri Prakash Jaiswal that President`s
rule could be imposed in Uttar Pradesh if Congress did not get
a majority, BJP leader LK Advani on Friday said his party would
oppose any such "undemocratic means" of grabbing power.

"Democracy in the country is strong enough to thwart any
attempt of grabbing power through undemocratic means," Advani

The BJP would not tolerate any attempt to impose
President`s rule in UP, Advani said.

Advani said that it was the first time ever that a party
had accepted defeat even before polling in an election had not
been completed.

Union Minister Jaiswal had said yesterday that if
Congress fails to get a majority in UP Assembly polls he sees
a possibility of President`s rule. However, later, the
minister retracted from the statement after he came under
attack from opposition parties.

"If Congress gets majority then it will form the
government... In case we don`t get clear majority we sit in
the opposition and I see no alternative but governor`s rule,"
the Union Coal Minister had said.

Advani said he was taken aback when he heard what the
Congress minister had said, and warned that Indian people
would once again do what they had done in 1977 when they had
thrown out a government that had ruled undemocratically for
nineteen months.

Saying that the voting this time was very encouraging, he
asserted that he would like a law to be made that would make
voting compulsory.

Talking about the alleged corruption in the commonwealth
games Advani said, "While the image of countries holding the
commonwealth or Olympic games kept on improving as the date of
completion of work neared, the case with Indian was different:
its image kept on plummeting because of the doings of the
Congress government and the major functionally of the Games."

Advani said the reason why prices were spiralling was
that there was no check on corruption, despite the fact that
there were noted economists in the government and in the
Planning Commission.

Speaking about the stacking of black money in Swiss
banks, Advani said that the United Nations had passed a
resolution providing for the return of money stored in foreign
banks to the country from where it had came.

The Swiss Government had also passed the Restitution of
Illicit Assets Act.

He said that the Union Finance Minster had assured him
that he would present a "white paper" on how much money was
stacked in Swiss Banks and how it could be bought back to

Advani claimed that his estimate was that as much as Rs
25 lakh crore was kept by Indians in Swiss banks, which if
brought back to India, could make the country a place where
there would be no village without electricity, and no field
without water and a new Indian could be born.