Bronze Age leaders `used power effectively`

Bronze Age leaders controlled surrounding settlements from fortified tells through military power.

London: Leaders in the Bronze Age used their power in an effective way in order to dominate the rest of the population, which contributed towards creating a notably stable social system, says a new study.

A team at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden says that tell-building societies had relatively advanced economies based on agricultural production and animal husbandry which produced a good return.

The societies were also involved in regional and long-distance exchange of bronzes and other valuable craft products, say researchers.

"By exercising a degree of control over these parts of the economy, it was possible for leaders to finance political activities and power-exerting organisations," Claes Uhn?r, the
study`s lead author, said.

According to the researchers, Bronze Age leaders were able to control surrounding settlements from fortified tells through military power.

As the majority of these settlements were situated next to rivers and other natural transport routes, they could demand tribute from passing trade expeditions and also act as
intermediaries in the exchange of goods that took place in the region, says the study.


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