Captured wife being grilled on Osama`s sex life

Amal al-Sadah is being grilled about her 10 years with Osama bin Laden.

London: Pakistani security officers are interrogating Osama bin Laden’s captured wife on every detail of his life, including his sex life.

Amal al-Sadah, one of the five wives of the al Qaeda mastermind, was shot during the raid on his hideout and has spent the last week being grilled about her 10 years with bin Laden, dad to her three kids.

“They want to know what he did night and day, including all about their sex life and she is talking because she is so scared of going to prison or never seeing her children again,” the Daily Star quoted a security source as saying.

Amal, 29, has already revealed bin Laden’s old hideaway in nearby Chak Shah Mohammad village.

She said he spent two years there, meaning he was in Pakistan for at least seven years before the US caught up with him last week.

Amal, from southern Yemen, is being quizzed at a military hospital in Rawalpindi where she is being treated for a bullet wound in the calf after she threw herself at Navy SEALS during the raid.

The US has so far been refused permission to interrogate her.


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