Charges against bin Laden expected to be dropped: Report

US federal prosecutors are to file papers to drop all charges against Osama.

Updated: May 04, 2011, 17:53 PM IST

New York: Federal prosecutors in Manhattan
are expected to file papers to drop all charges and close the
case against al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden since he was
killed by US commandos in Pakistan on Monday.

The New York Times reported that the first indictment
was filed again bin Laden in Federal District Court in
Manhattan in 1998 and charged him with conspiracy to attack
United States` defense installations.

The indictment grew after the 9/11 attack, which was
masterminded by bin Laden.

"It shows that in spite of whatever everyone says,
there were people in the government who knew about bin Laden
prior to 9/11 and were prepared to do something about it,"
said Daniel J Coleman, a former FBI agent involved in the
investigation of bin Laden.

"There was a lack of political will to do anything,"
said Coleman, who is retired.

Coleman and other FBI agents hailed the killing of
bin Laden.

"We started the fight; the military ended it," Michael
Anticev, an FBI special agent, said. "Everybody`s proud."

Coleman, however, said that he hoped other defendants
in the bin Laden case would be brought to justice.

Bin Laden, he said, no longer deserved even treatment
like a criminal.
"It had gone too far," he said.