Cheap drinks could kill kids: Experts

Two bottles of cheap drinks contain enough alcohol to kill kids.

Wellington: Two bottles of cheap, sweetly flavoured drinks contain enough alcohol to kill kids, claim health experts.
At a conference in Manukau Liquor, licensing Inspectors Institute president Murray Clearwater held up two 1.25-litre bottles of a raspberry lemonade called Big Foot, which he bought at a price of "15 dollars for two".

And he has warned parents to keep their children away from this drink, which is eight per cent alcohol - double that of a standard beer.

"That``s enough to kill someone, let alone a child," nzherald news quoted him as saying.

"Twenty standard drinks [the two bottles combined] could create gross intoxication in an adult, let alone a young person, and puts them at greater risk of walking in front of a car or alcohol poisoning. A thousand people die a year directly related to alcohol,” he said.

He said such cheap, sweet drinks were clearly aimed at young people and should be banned.

"Mum and dad don``t understand that their kids can buy that sort of product at that sort of price. There needs to be a social impact statement where people manufacturing this type of product need to identify that it was designed for an adult market. This was not,” he added.