`Chinese device can identify passers-by using their gait`

It is likely the People`s Liberation Army (PLA) is one of the customers

London: Chinese scientists have developed a unique biometrics device, probably for the military, that uses a person`s pace to identify them covertly, according to a
confidential US cable leaked by WikiLeaks.

The Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) Institute of Intelligent Machines (IIM) in Hefei, capital of Anhui province has developed a biometrics device that uses a person`s pace to
identify them, a cable sent from the US Embassy in Beijing was quoted as saying by the whistle-blower website WikiLeaks.

"The device measure weight and two-dimensional sheer forces applied by a person`s foot during walking to create a uniquely identifiable biometrics profile. The device can be
covertly installed in a floor and is able to collect biometrics data on individuals covertly without their knowledge."

"When questioned about the device`s potential applications, IIM officials stated the device was being used by "secret" customers and was not available on the commercial
market," according to the leaked cable published in Britain`s Guardian newspaper.

IIM also said they were involved with China`s "Programme 863." Programme 863 is China`s national high-technology development plan that includes both military and
civilian technology development programmes.

"Therefore, it is likely the People`s Liberation Army (PLA) is one of the customers for whom this biometrics device was developed," the US cable says.


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