Complex knee replacement surgery performed

A complex knee replacement surgery was conducted at a leading hospital here today.

Bangalore: A complex knee replacement
surgery was conducted at a leading hospital here today.

Complex knee-replacement surgeries are rare in India as
only two per cent of the total primary knee- replacement
patients need a revision surgery, doctors at the HOSMAT
hospital said.

The need for such a surgery typically arises when
strenuous activities are undertaken putting too much stress on
the artificial joint causing it to loosen or break.

In rare cases, this could occur when the joint replacement
site becomes infected or worn out partially or completely.

All these problems may require surgery to remove the old
implant and put in a new one.

Complex knee-replacement surgeries are conducted primarily
to address three major purposes: relieving pain in the
affected joint & deformity correction (bowed or bent Knee)
restoring the patient`s mobility, removing a loose or damaged
prosthesis before irreversible harm is done to the joint.

Dr Thomas A Chandy Chairman and Senior Joint
Replacement Surgeon of Hosmat conducted the operation.

Dr Ray Randle, Australia’s leading Orthopaedic Surgeon was
also was part of the team.

Doctors said the patient will undergo rehabilitation at
Hosmat for a period of five days and Homecare Physio for three
weeks and will be advised walking with a walker for two weeks
following surgery and on walking stick from then on till six
weeks. The operation was televised live at the hospital`s
auditorium for over 100 surgeons from the city.


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