Cong didn`t express condolence on Kanshi Ram: Maya

UP CM Mayawati claimed that the Congress party had not expressed a single word of condolence on Kanshi Ram`s death.

Deoria\Azamgarh: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister
Mayawati on Tuesday targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his
statement that he respects BSP founder Kanshi Ram and claimed
his party had not "expressed a single word of condolence on
Kanshi Ram`s death.

Addressing election rallies here, Mayawati said Congress
and its leaders did not speak two words of condolence on the
death of Kanshi Ram, what to say about declaring a national

Referring to Rahul`s remarks yesterday that he respects
Kanshi Ram who took forward the politics in UP, Mayawati said
for BSP "these words of sympathies are like thorns".

"It appears as if Congress and its yuvraj are showing
disrespect to manyavar Kanshi Ram ... and BSP would never
pardon Congress and its yuvraj for it", she said.

Charging the UPA with giving a step-motherly treatment to
UP, she repeated her charge that it did not provide financial
aid to the state but her government, through its own
resources, carried out the important works connected with the
basic requirements of the people on a priority basis.

She claimed her party had given top priority to
villages, farmers and the poor and alleged Congress had been
creating hurdles in the development works of BSP government.

The chief minister claimed while all political parties
forget about the promises made at election time, BSP fulfills
its promises and works for the welfare of "sarv samaj".