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Cyberspace abuzz with support for Hazare

Last Updated: Friday, April 8, 2011 - 00:58

New Delhi: Anna Hazare`s indefinite fast
against corruption has set abuzz the cyberspace with messages
of support for the social activist from netizens across all
sections pouring with the common refrain being--`NOW is the
time to get together`.

A suggestion was also made by a blogger on Thursday that all
people going to stadiums across the country during IPL
matches--which has a huge TV audience--should wear "Gandhi
Caps" and "Placards with anti corruption messages. One tweet
even dubbed Hazare "Mahatma Gandhi 2.0."

One blogger Fida Siddiqui went on to say that ANNA ji
should be given more support than cricket team.

"ANNA has become Gandhiji of this era we all indians
salute you & promise you that your struggle will bring out
positive results for india," said Fida echoing the sentiments
of the youth.

`Anna Hazare`, `corruption`, and `Jantar Mantar` were
the top trending words and phrases on Twitter India, thanks to
a flood of tweets every minute saluting 71-year-old Hazare as
the "face of India`s fight against corruption."

Facebook and Twitter have seen around 45-50 updates per
minute on Hazare. Users are updating their views and are
asking others to join the cause.

Hazare`s campaign is a noble cause, said a blogger
Navneet Kumar Bakshi.

"Anna Hazare has taken the most difficult first step: He
has started the revolution. What we must now do is consolidate
that movement," said another blog post.

There were some tweets too dripping with sarcasm.

"Anna Hazare wouldn’t be fasting if our politicians
didn’t `eat` so much," said Indian Premier League(IPL) match
host Gaurav Kapur.

Actor Farhan Akhtar wrote, "I support Anna Hazare. Our
country has suffered from corruption for too long? NOW is the
time we get together and do something about it."

One blogger wished Hazare`s fast unto death turns out to
be crucial first step towards eliminating corruption. "More
power to Anna," he said.

With Hazare`s crusade getting allround support, one
tweet had a fond wish, "Thousand Annas must bloom".

One blogger counselled cation saying results in the
battle against graft cannot be achieved overnight.

"It is not as if tomorrow the lokpal bill is passed and
the day after India will be squeeky clean. This is just the
beginning. We need to continue to sweep the dirt out of our
lives. may be after 5 years we will have a better society”,
the blog said.

There were some dissenting notes too in the cyberspace.

"Everyone is against corruption, but we can`t fight
corruption by outsourcing the system of making laws to a bunch
of non-governmental organisations...I hope Shri Manmohan Singh
will be able to come up with a convincing solution for the
issue of corruption," one blogger said.


First Published: Friday, April 8, 2011 - 00:58

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