Doctors warn against believing anti-dandruff shampoo makers

Don`t be fooled by tall claims made by makers of anti-dandruff shampoos, say doctors.

New Delhi: Don`t be fooled by tall
claims made by makers of anti-dandruff shampoos, say doctors
who maintain that the problem is the most "commercially-
exploited" skin disorder despite having no permanent solution.

"Dandruff has no solution. Its origin is still not
known and it is not yet clear whether it is a disease or a
disorder. All anti-dandruff shampoo manufacturers are using
dandruff as an emotional problem. It is most exploited by FMCG
manufacturers," medical microbiologist and director of
Clinrise Derma private limited Dr S Ranganathan said.

According to Dr H K Kar, head of the department of
dermatology at Ram Manohar Lohia hospital, "If solution
existed in the shampoo then why do we get newer preparations
and new anti-dandruff shampoos now and then? If one has a
dandruff problem always go to a skin specialist before going
in for the anti-dandruff shampoo over the counter."

Experts say dandruff is nothing but dead skin. Skin
cells are forever renewing themselves. When these cells on our
scalp are renewed, old ones are pushed to the surface. For a
person with dandruff, the renewal is faster and more dead skin
is shed, making the dandruff more noticeable.

"The problem of dandruff is more prevalent during
winters. Of all the skin disease that this department of
dermatology gets, dandruff accounts for the highest percentage
of problem among patients. Dandruff can happen due to age,
hormonal imbalance and climate change," Kar said.

"We advise patients who come to us with dandruff
problem to clean their scalp daily with any shampoo. The daily
cleaning of the scalp should be followed in winters also," a
dermatologist with AIIMS said.

He also cautioned, "It is a myth that hair loss is
associated with dandruff. Hair loss happens due to other
reasons and not dandruff."