Don’t Just See…See Better

As we grow older, the eye’s natural lens stiffens, hardens and begins losing its clarity, forming a cataract.

Dr Mahipal Singh Sachdev (Center for Sight)

Sameer Oberoi, 50 years old gentleman, known for his Editor’s column, stories, articles on relationships etc in one of the leading newspaper, was having problems in reading, writing and in using his computer for the past 6 months. Everything was getting blurred, and his eyes were painfully sensitive to light. No matter how far away or how closely he held a book or a newspaper, his eyes couldn’t focus in a satisfactory manner. Also, he was unable to drive late nights. He was sacred that he might lose his sight permanently. One day he finally spoke with his wife and they decided to go for an eye check-up. After a few tests his I informed him that he had developed cataracts in both the eyes.

By the age 60 or so, most of us will experience the cloudy vision that is caused by cataracts. It’s just a part of natural aging. As we grow older, the eye’s natural lens stiffens, hardens and begins losing its clarity, forming a cataract. As is borne out by Mr. Oberoi’s case, in some people this process might get accelerated due to a number and variety of medical reasons.
“Developing a cataract doesn’t mean that you will have a permanent loss of vision quality or have to give up the things you love. Cataract surgery is a safe and effective solution of your cataract problem. Once the cataracts are removed and replaced with a natural accommodating IOL, the patient probably won’t need to have cataract surgery again. In about 90 % of cases, people who have cataract surgery have better vision afterward.”

“Reading, writing, driving late nights, enjoying the beautiful colors with my loved ones is my life. And that is something I can’t compromise on. I told my doctor I would do anything to get my life back.” Sameer Oberoi opted for cataract surgery and a natural accommodating lens implant. He was surprised at how easy the recovery process was. “And guess what? He could see every sign, He could read without blur. He does not need glasses anymore. It is wonderful! Sameer Oberoi had Natural Accommodating IOL (Intraocular Lens) implanted in both the eyes.

“The Crystalens can be compared to the natural lens in the eye of a young, 30 year old person. These revolutionary lenses almost eliminate the need for glasses through out the full range of distances, i.e. far, intermediate (44 inches) or near (14inches).Hence now you can enjoy your games like golf, work on the computer or read your favourite novel, all without the need for glasses”,

“Cataract surgery with an accommodating lens implant not only treats cataract but gives a fuller range of vision and, in many cases, reduces or eliminates the patient’s dependence on glasses. Of late such lenses have now become available which mimics the natural lens and one of such lenses is Crystalens”.

“It is a boon for everyone who develops a cataract in their eyes. This cataract surgery has not only removed my cataract but has given me a new pair of eyes that are seeing just better and clearer without glasses. Thanks to my doctor who guided me sincerely”, says Mr Oberoi.
Benefits over the traditional, monofocal lens implant:

* Crystalens is the only FDA- approved, Aberration- Free accommodating IOL.

*It mimics the natural lens, is designed to move with the eye and delivers a continuous range of vision- near, intermediate and distance- in all lighting conditions.

*It reduces or eliminates the need for glasses during most activities.

*It is foldable and hence requires only a micro incision in the eye.

*The patient is capable of returning to normal activities by the next day and is even able to drive within 2-3 days.

*The outcome of Crystalens cataract surgery is a stable, measurable improvement in accommodation and vision quality.

*The vision quality is superior to regular IOLs, eyes are able to focus almost naturally. It also offers good distance vision between 20/20 and 20/40, good computer vision, good night vision and clarity.

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