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Drinking coffee reduces breast cancer risk

Drinking coffee reduces the risk of estrogen-receptor (ER)-negative breast cancer.

Coffee drinkers enjoy not only the taste of their coffee but also a reduced risk of cancer with their cuppa, according to a research.
It showed that drinking coffee specifically reduces the risk of antiestrogen-resistant estrogen-receptor (ER)-negative breast cancer.

Swedish researchers compared lifestyle factors and coffee consumption between women with breast cancer and age-matched women without. They found that coffee drinkers had a lower incidence of breast cancer than women who rarely drank coffee.

The group from Karolinska Institutet explained that, "There is often conflicting information about the beneficial effects of coffee – when we compared our results to that of a German study we discovered that their data showed the same trend, but the relationship was much weaker. We suggest that this may have something to do with the way the coffee was prepared, or the type of bean preferred. It is unlikely that the protective effect is due to phytoestrogens present in coffee since there was no reduction in the incidence of ER-positive cancer in this study."

So while it is evident that coffee may have beneficial effects in protecting women from ER negative breast cancer the exact mechanism and compounds involved are not yet clear and not all types of coffee are the same.

The study has been published in the BioMed Central`s open access journal Breast Cancer Research.


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