Drinking milk every day ‘keeps cancer at bay’

Kids who drink milk are 40% less likely to suffer bowel cancer as adults.

London: A new research has found that kids who drink milk are 40 per cent less likely to suffer bowel cancer as adults.
Scientists from New Zealand found that half a pint of milk a day had a powerful protective effect against the cancer.

The key to its anti-cancer effects lies in daily consumption over long periods.

“Our results suggest daily consumption of milk in childhood may reduce bowel cancer incidence, possibly by the action of calcium,” the Daily Express quoted associate Professor Brian Cox, who led the research, as saying.

Experts believe calcium helps kill off cancer cells and accumulating a supply in the system can help to ward off the disease.

The team discovered pupils were 40 percent less likely to suffer a tumour later in life if they had milk every day for six years or more.

The study was published last week in the American Journal of Epidemiology.