Emerald pearl in Cao Cao’s mouth!

A rare emerald pearl inserted in the Chinese warlord`s mouth has been found in his tomb.

New Delhi: A rare emerald pearl that had been inserted in Chinese warlord Cao Cao’s mouth has been found in his tomb.

According to Chengdu Business, archaeologists estimate the emerald’s value to be at more than 10 million yuan.

An expert on collection said the pearl could be the only one in the world and nobody has ever seen it except in history books, reports People’s Daily Online.

It is one of the most valuable items that remained even though the first 100-square-meters chamber of Cao Cao’s tomb had been ransacked by thieves many times.

Archaeologists still unearthed nearly 300 complete artefacts from it.

In addition, they also found an iron sword at the tomb passage, which they said, was the only one that was complete.


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