Empowering the girl child through Yoga

Yoga is not just about asanas and exercises but also bringing out the latent power of the individual.

New Delhi: Yoga is not just about asanas and exercises but also bringing out the latent power of the individual, according to a new short film that showcases the
power of yoga in young girl children.

Journalist Jagpreet Luthra, who has won the Ladli UNDP award for sensitizing society to women`s rights has brought out a short 10 minute film "Emopowering the girl child through Yoga" that is set to be shown at various international and
domestic venues.

Luthra, tracking her journalistic nose followed a story of young girls, children of maidservants and labourers attending a makeshift school in Gurgaon, set up by a bunch of affluent working women and housewives.

"On a stray day I went to the makeshift school and saw how these children were provided with food and taught the basics of the language. My curiousity was kindled and I started following the story," Luthra told PTI in an interview.

The makeshift school was later converted into a proper school Anand Vidyalaya for economically disadvantaged that is being run by Dhyan Foundation headed by Yogi Ashwini.

"My film also focuses on the children from disparate backgrounds who are also given training in yoga in the school. Luthra, who has been a mainstream journalist for a
quarter century, has reported and written on a variety of socio-economic and political subjects. Gender issues and human rights, that are absolutely intertwined, have been the thrust of her writing as a political reporter-analyst.

Luthra, who claims to be an intellectual practitioner of yoga says, "The school is an experiment of cultivating the force of women which is said to be the basis of Shakti."

"I made the film to showcase the much used and abused concept of yoga that can be used to streghten the democracy as yoga believes in equality and oneness of all religions," says
the filmmaker.

Luthra says the film will be shown to officials at the Women and Child Ministry as well as the HRD ministry and would be considered for festivals in international venues and shows in major competitions and film festivals.


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