`Everyone wants to take credit for Lokpal`

Yogendra Yadav speaks exclusively to Zeenews.com about the Lokpal Bill.

Biplob Ghosal/Shruti Saxena

The whole nation is keenly tuned in to the Lokpal debate being held in the extended Winter Session of Parliament. After much drama unfolded on the Bill’s passing in the Lok Sabha, the people wait to see the fate of the bill as Parliamentarians debate and Anna Hazare agitates.

Professor Yogendra Yadav who was present at the Ramlila Ground on the first day of Team Anna’s agitation spoke exclusively to Zeenews.com saying that there is a tussle going on between the political parties to showcase their concern over Lokpal Bill. He also praised the anti-corruption movement, which has compelled the political class to debate the relevant issue seriously.

Yogendra Yadav is a renowned political analyst of the country. He was appointed as a member of the NAC for the implementation of the RTE act in 2010. Yadav is also a Senior Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), Delhi since 2004.

Question: Will Parliament reach a consensus and an effective Lokpal Bill be passed in this extended Winter Session?

Yadav: I don’t know, I would say that it is uncertain as there is tussle between the government and Opposition, as to who gets the credit. Opposition would like to force some amendments and the government would like to be seen as the party which actually passes it.

While in the Lok Sabha, government has the numbers, but in Rajya Sabha they don’t, so they will have to enter into an understanding with the Opposition. I think some give and take will have to take place with the Left, and if the Left and the government come together, then they can pass it.

Question: How do you view Anna’s call for going for an agitation when the Parliament is still debating the Bill?

Yadav: It is not a call against the Parliament session. It is a common practice and there is nothing new in it. People raising their voice outside Parliament is a good practice and it has been followed since quite a long time.

Question: What’s your say on provision of reservation for minorities in the Lokpal Bill?

Yadav: I think it is good that principle of diversity has been accepted. Although reservation should not be the mechanism through which you do this all the time. It is a diverse nation and diversity is good, but one should not always opt for reservation, instead choose another way. But it is not a completely bad idea.

Question: Will the Lokpal Bill meet the same fate as the Women Reservation Bill?

Yadav: No, it is because all the parties are under tremendous pressure to pass the bill. Today the game is that everybody wants to be seen as if they are working for a strong Lokpal Bill. That is already a victory of the movement.

If people had not come here, the MPs would have been vacationing. Rather, today there is a debate over who would bring a better Lokpal Bill, which is very encouraging and the political class too needs to be congratulated for it.

Question: Anna has threatened to stage a sit-in and court arrest outside Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s residence in New Delhi. Your comment.

Yadav: I think a movement like, by nature, is anti-establishment, but there is a difference between being anti-establishment and anti-ruling party. I think it is important to recognise this difference.

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