FIFA to use World Cup in fight against racism

FIFA is all set to use the World Cup quarter-final matches to fight racism in the game.

Johannesburg: FIFA is all set to use the World Cup quarter-final matches starting on Saturday to fight racism in the game and has called on fans worldwide to support its `Say No to Racism` campaign.

"We are saying we want to make a clear statement to the billion of people around the world about football`s united stance against racism and all forms of discrimination and there is no better place to do this that in the World Cup," said Federico Addiech, head of FIFA`s social responsibility department.

On the lines of the 2009 Confederation Cup, in all the four quarterfinal matches team captains will read a declaration to demonstrate a firm stance against racism not only in football but also in society.

Both teams and the match officials will also pose jointly with a banner displaying the unequivocal `Say No to Racism` message as part of the official pre-match protocol.

Addiech said, since 2001 FIFA had embarked on a strong campaign against racism in the world`s biggest sport and the results have been positive.

"We are definitely seeing a lot of improvement there is a high level of maturity and tolerance among the players and everyone who is involved in football," he said while speaking at a FIFA discussion held yesterday which focuses on fighting racism and discrimination in sport.


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