Five-yr-old woos Guinness judges with hand stunt!

Romanian bodybuilding lad Giuliano Stroe has landed himself in record books.

Last Updated: Oct 24, 2009, 15:29 PM IST

London: At five years of age, Romanian bodybuilding lad Giuliano Stroe has landed himself in record books after leaving Guinness judges stunned with his incredible stunts.
The muscle boy lives with his family in Italy where he has been training since the age of two.

Earlier this year he managed to get into the Guinness Book of Records after performing a jaw-dropping handstand stunt on an Italian TV show.

In fact, the strong lad preformed the fastest ever 10m-handwalk with a weight ball between his legs in front of an astonished audience.

And Giuliano has now become an Internet hit after millions of Internet users watched a clip of him performing the stunt on YouTube.

"He has been going to the gym with me ever since he was born. I always took him with me when I went training," The Sun quoted Giuliano`s dad Iulian Stroe, 33, as saying.

But he added there is no danger of the youngster harming himself, saying: "I have been training hard all my life myself. He is never allowed to practice on his own, he is only a child and if he gets tired we go and play."

Giuliano, the oldest of four children, says his stardom has not gone to his head and he still enjoys normal kids stuff like painting, watching cartoons and playing in the park when he is not weightlifting.

However, he likes getting filmed and when people applaud it makes him happy.