Force India get set for new, hi-tech & stylish abode

Force India has come out with a three-storey steel state of art glass abode.

Silverstone: Overhauling its motor home, the
Force India team has come out with a refurbished three-storey
steel and glass structure that will make its debut during the
Turkish Grand Prix at the end of this month.

The 350 square metre renovated facility will be used by
the Formula One team at all the European rounds from Turkish
race onwards.

"More than 1,000 man hours have gone into designing the
`new` motorhome. We looked at the motorhome in a lot of detail
at the end of last year," says team manager Andy Stevenson,
who has been the project leader for the renovations.

"The structure we used in 2009 and 2008 was still in very
good condition and the square footage it afforded us was
perfect, but internally it needed some pretty major tweaks
based on the use it had over the last two seasons. We looked
at this use in depth and made a plan accordingly over the
winter," Stevenson said.

Last season, the use of each of the floors overlapped
slightly. The ground floor was used for team and guests, the
second floor for team and drivers and the third floor for team
owner Vijay Mallya`s guests and meeting area.

"Overall, when we looked at it, nobody really had the
ideal situation. We needed to revisit each floor," Stevenson