Fossil of new dinosaur species found in China

The fossils of a dinosaur species - a meat-eating theropod - has been found in China.

Beijing: Scientists in China have discovered the fossils of a previously-unknown dinosaur species - a meat-eating theropod.

The fossils of the dinosaur were unearthed at Longshan in Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Chuxiong in September, said Dong Zhiming, a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Sciences` Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology.
The dinosaur was estimated to have lived about 180 million years ago, or during the early Jurassic Period, the People`s Daily reported Sunday.

"The dinosaur was at least 120 cm long and 70 cm tall, and it had a long tail and sharp teeth," he said.
It was related to the Coelophysises, which were small, meat-eating dinosaurs and lived in the North American continent in the late Triassic period.

The new species will be named after a more detailed research, officials said.