French President called Russian FM a `liar`: WikiLeaks

Sarkozy called Lavrov a "liar" following Russia`s 2008 conflict with Georgia.

Paris: French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov a "liar" during negotiations with Moscow following the August 2008 conflict with Georgia, according to a US memo released by WikiLeaks.

Sarkozy negotiated the ceasefire agreement that brought an end to the war, which saw Russian troops pour into Georgia to repel a Georgian military assault on Moscow-backed South Ossetia.

"...Sarkozy caught the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov by the lapel of his jacket, and called him a liar...," an American diplomat reported in a memo released by the whistle-blower website and quoted by French daily Le Monde.

"Sarkozy seems to have warned Russia that its position as a `major power` had been seriously damaged by its refusal to respect its obligations," said the document.

The incident in early September 2008 was recounted to US diplomats in Moscow by a French diplomat involved in negotiations.