Fukushima fallout reaches Europe, but traces tiny

France`s nuclear safety body said very weakly contaminated air could reach France on Wednesday.

Updated: Mar 24, 2011, 00:52 AM IST

Vienna: Experts say minuscule amounts of
fallout from a damaged power plant in Japan have reached
Iceland and are expected in France, but don`t pose health

Japan`s Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex was hit
March 11 by a huge earthquake and massive tsunami, causing it
to release radiation, and sparking fears of widespread

`Austria`s Central Institute for Meteorology and
Geodynamics, citing data from the Comprehensive Test Ban
Treaty Organization, said Monday that "extremely diluted"
radioactivity reached Iceland 72 hours ago.

France`s nuclear safety body, meanwhile, said very
weakly contaminated air is expected to reach France on

Both stressed the traces are tiny and don`t pose any
health risks.

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