Gandhi-preferred goat milk good for heart, health

Nutrient-rich goat milk is good for health, including prevention of heart disease.

London: Nutrient-rich goat milk - much preferred by Mahatma Gandhi - is good for health, including prevention of heart disease.

Goat milk`s fat also reduces total cholesterol levels, which makes it a food of choice for preventing cardiac disorders, says a University of Granada study in Spain.

Its regular consumption by anemic patients improves their recovery, since it enhances the nutritional use of iron and enhances the regeneration of hemoglobin -- this means that this type of milk minimizes calcium and iron interactions.

Conversely, this type of milk protects DNA stability, even in cases of iron overload caused by prolonged treatments with this mineral to treat anemia.

Granada researchers, led by Prof Margarita Sanchez Campos, have found that goat milk has many nutrients - as casein - that make it similar to human milk. Goat milk contains less casein alpha 1 - as human milk - which is responsible for most allergies to cow milk.

"For this reason, in some countries it is used as the basis for the development of infant formula in place of cow milk," Granada researchers point out, according to a Granada =.

Additionally, another beneficial aspect of goat milk is that it contains a significant amount of oligosaccharides. Goat milk has more oligosaccharides with a composition similar to that of human milk.

These compounds reach the large intestine undigested and act as prebiotics, i.e they help develop probiotic flora that competes with pathogenic bacterial flora, making it disappear.

Similarly, goat milk contains a lower proportion of lactose than cow milk - about one less - and, as it is easier to digest, individuals with intolerance to this milk sugar can tolerate goat milk.


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