`Global Centre for N-energy coming up near Delhi`

India is making "good progress" in establishing a Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership with off-campus courses being conducted.

Seoul: India is making "good progress" in establishing a Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership with off-campus courses being conducted even as the physical infrastructure is being put in place, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Tuesday.

"We have made good progress in the establishment of the Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership, which I announced at the (2010) Washington Summit. The physical infrastructure for the Centre is being set up. We have commenced off-campus courses. Such courses will be held more frequently in the future. We have signed documents for cooperation on the Global Centre with the United States of America, Russia, France and the IAEA," the prime minister said while addressing the plenary of the two-day Nuclear Security Summit that concluded here Tuesday.

The centre is being set up on the outskirts of New Delhi.

"We visualize this to be a state-of-the-art facility based on international participation from the IAEA and other interested foreign partners. To begin with, the Centre will consist of four schools dealing with Advanced Nuclear Energy System Studies, Nuclear Security, Radiation Safety, and the application of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology in the areas of healthcare, agriculture and food," the National Progress Report India submitted to the Seoul Summit said.

"The Centre will conduct research and development of design systems that are intrinsically safe, secure, proliferation resistant and sustainable, as we believe such technological solutions will strengthen nuclear security in the long run," the report said, adding the Centre will carry out research and development in radiation monitoring including development of detectors and nuclear emergency management.

The Centre will also have state-of-the-art training facilities for Indian and international participants and research by Indian and visiting international scientists.

"An off-campus training course on Physical Protection was organised in November 2011 for 25 participants, including 17 foreign nationals. Further courses planned for 2012 include: Prevention, Preparedness and Responses involving malicious acts with radioactive materials, Medical Management, and Safeguard Practices," the report added.