`Hackers can force a jet`s crash`

A new breed of cyber terrorists have the capablility of breaking into plane`s on-board system.

London: A new breed of cyber terrorists have the capability of breaking into a plane`s sophisticated on-board computer systems and forcing it to crash, a security document released Monday warned.

They could also target critical infrastructure such as nuclear power stations and electricity supplies, reports a newspaper.

These hackers can be engaged by terror cells and foreign states to cause maximum damage, British Prime Minister David Cameron`s long-awaited National Security Strategy report said.

The cyber threat makes it possible for a potential hijacker to carry out his attack without boarding the plane.

Officials confirmed that these computer-generated assaults, which involve individuals creating software viruses or rogue computer programs and emails, could bring down passenger planes.

"We don`t want to wait until planes are falling out of the skies before we address the issue," an official said.

Attacks in cyberspace can have a potentially devastating real-world effect, the document said, adding that military, industrial and economic targets, including critical services, could feasibly be disrupted by a capable adversary.