Hair care during monsoon

Oily scalp, hair fall, dull hair and dandruff are the problems that crop up during the monsoon.

New Delhi: Rains are here, and so are the hair fears. Oily scalp, hair fall, dull hair and dandruff are the problems that crop up during the monsoon. Hair experts say it is a temporary phase and can be controlled with the right treatment.

According to hair stylist Amjad Habib, hair fall during the monsoon season increases by 30 percent.

"On a normal day we experience fall of 50-60 strands which is considered healthy. But during this season a person can experience hair fall of more than 200 strands," Habib said.

"It is a temporary phase and you needn`t get tense thinking about it, because stress is also considered a reason for excessive hair fall," he added.

Apart from hair fall, you can also witness problems like oily scalp and roughness that makes your hair look dull.

In order to get the lustrous look back, here is what you have to do, according to experts.

Seema Goel, cosmetologist and director of Berkowits Hair and Skin Clinic, advises use of mild shampoos and regular hair wash.

"First and foremost requirement is regular hair wash. Hair should be washed after frequent intervals during monsoon as delay could lead to oily scalp, excessive hair fall, dandruff and roughness. The other thing that needs to be kept in mind is the selection of shampoo - it should be mild, for example, baby shampoo can be used," Goel told IANS.

"Oily hair tends to become limp during the monsoon and requires shampoos that will give volume to the hair. Natural extracts like rosemary can give that extra bounce and vitality to limp hair," she added.

Goel shares another easy remedy for oily scalp.

"Apply lemon juice for 15 minutes and then rinse it, this is a very effective remedy for an oil free scalp. Lemons are easily available and cost effective," said Goel.

Experts also suggest that one should go for a short haircut during this season as it is easy to manage.

"The best length which can be maintained is shoulder length," said Habib.

Habib also gives a quick home remedy to fix those fizzy tresses.

"Home remedies are the most effective. People who have normal hair but are frizzy can apply the paste of mashed mango and mint. It brings back the shine and makes them smooth," said Habib.

"People who have very dry hair - should apply a paste of three bananas and honey and leave it for 50 minutes, it takes away the dryness and makes the hair softer. Lastly, for people who have oily hair they should apply paste of mint on the scalp and leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly," he added.

Habib also has a word of caution for those who are heavy into hair gels.

"Use of hair products like hair gels and the practice of artificial perming and straightening should be avoided as they can lead to permanent hair damage," he added.


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